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Ballantines 17yo Seoul Limited Edition launches exclusively in Korea travel retail

Ballantine’s 17yo Seoul Limited Edition launches exclusively in Korea travel retail by Helen Pawson, Brands Editor helen@moodiedavittreport.com Source: ©The Moodie Davitt Report 26 June 2018 Pernod Ricard Travel Retail has partnered with South Korean artist Jieun Park to create a Ballantine’s 17yo Seoul Limited Edition. The expression is available now exclusively in South Korean travel retail. The whisky was created by Ballantine’s Master Blender Sandy Hyslop and offers a fresh perspective of the original 17yo blend, a long-time best-seller in a Ballantine’s stronghold market. The liquid features a honeyed sweetness and vanilla flavours that contrast with a layer of citrus and subtle spice. For the bottle design, artist Jieun used bold calligraphic strokes and intricate colourful painting to depict the vivid landscape of her home city. Ballantine’s is marking the launch of the Seoul Limited Edition with a variety of activations, including personalisation services and tasting sessions. Throughout June and July, an in-store calligrapher will be present at Incheon International Airport to create personalised messages for customers. Ballantine’s 17yo Seoul Limited Edition is inspired by South Korea’s bustling capital Ballantine’s will bring the new launch to life across Facebook, Naver and Korean app, Syrup. Those visiting the dedicated microsite, Travelwithballantines.com, can discover how to claim two exclusive Speyside tasting glasses with each purchase.

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How safe is North Korea  and is it an ethical tourist destination?

North Korea has been dominating the headlines of late, as its leader, Kim Jong-un, prepares for the April 27 summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in by suspending nuclear and missile tests and courting cautious optimism from adversaries and experts alike.  Technically still at war with the South, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has existed in almost complete isolation since its inception in 1948, and remains an enigma as well as a risky tourist destination – last September, the United States announced a ban on its citizens travelling to the country following the death of American student  Otto Warmbier , who died days after being released from detention in North Korea. On April 22,  32 Chinese tourists died in a coach accident while travelling on the Reunification Highway, which connects the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, with the southern city of Kaesong.   Hard-partying North Korean tour groups in spotlight after Otto Warmbier death Nevertheless, an estimated 5,000 Western tourists, and considerably more Chinese, continue to make the trip each year. China’s tourism authority does not publish figures for nationals visiting North Korea, although a report compiled by a South Korean think tank, the Korea Maritime Institute, found that more than 230,000 Chinese tourists made the trip in 2012, and more recent information suggests that numbers have risen dramatically. According to the state-owned China News Service, the number of Chinese visitors travelling from the border town of Dandong into the DPRK rose to 580,000 in the second half of 2016. Independent travel is out of the question. Instead, visitors must join an authorised tour, carefully designed to showcase the DPRK in its best light. Although, according to British-owned, Beijing-based Koryo Tours, which is responsible for taking 2,000 people to the hermit kingdom annually, these visits can be tweaked to suit the interests of the traveller, whether those lie in architecture, education or even fishing.  Why Chinese tourists are flocking to North Korea North Korea itself aims to cement its spot on the tourist trail, hoping to attract 2 million visitors by 2020. However, debate rages over the ethics involved with such an expedition, and whether travellers stepping foot in the DPRK are, in fact, giving their tacit support to a dictatorial regime.  Tour providers assert otherwise, insisting that tourism to North Korea does not prop up the government, but instead goes some way towards undoing its message that all Westerners are murderous, rapacious imperialists.  Arguments against visiting the DPRK state that there is no avoiding the fact that some of the money generated from tourism ultimately goes towards funding the regime and its endeavours, which, of course, include its nuclear programme. Many also note that the meticulously manicured glimpse offered to outsiders does little to expose what life is really like for North Koreans.  Hong Kong teacher pushes boundaries and trains future tour guides in North Korea For most, the question of whether it is ethically or morally right to visit North Korea is a circular one, and is perhaps as complicated as the responses a trip evokes. Simon Cockerell, general manager of Koryo Tours, says tourists come away from time spent in the country having experienced a complex mix of emotions that span surprise, frustration, fun, sadness and more. The Guardian journalist Peter Walker was a little more succinct when he declared, “It’s the most depressing place I’ve ever been.”  Hainan to offer visa-free access to tourists from 59 countries Hainan, China’s smallest and southernmost province, has long been (rather generously) referred to as the Hawaii of China. Now, Hainan’s tourism officials are hoping the island can live up to its reputation following President Xi Jinping’s April 13 announcement that it will become a pilot free-trade port.

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Travel Tips That Will Enhance Your Next Trip

Travel offers lots of fun and excitement, and many ways exist to enhance your travel plans. Whether you're looking to save money or upgrade your hotel, there are things that you need to know.

Have pertinent information on your person at all times. You should have contact information for your embassy or consulate in your destination locale. You will need their assistance should you encounter legal troubles. They can help with the issues you experience.

You must carry your vaccination certificates with you if you are traveling to a country that requires them. You will need proof if so. You'll need a certificate of the vaccination to let authorities know you've had the appropriate medical work.

Whenever you travel, only bring what you need and travel light. The less you bring with you, the lower the chances of you having your valuables lost or stolen. Shoes tend to be larger and heavier than most objects in your suitcase. Reducing the number of shoes you bring can drastically reduce the weight of your baggage.

Be careful when getting into a taxi in another country. Some "taxis" are not legitimate. Sometimes, people will try to defraud you with their credentials.

Join a good travel price watcher. You can put in your desired location and it keeps an eye on the prices for that area. You will receive a notification if a hotel or airline reduces the price to your desired amount. This keeps you from having to check the site each day to find a good price.

Make travel a learning experience for you and your family. By taking time and preparing, there is nothing to fear from the developing world. It is a great way to show other cultures to children. Viewing the lives of others is an amazing way to build an understanding and tolerance of different cultures.

Take advantage of travel-related online forums. Finding a community of fellow travelers to share experiences and socialize with is one of the best ways to prepare for a trip. You will meet new people, share experiences and keep from making the mistakes others have made.

Try to avoid hitting rush hour when planning a road trip. If you have to be out and about then, stop for a meal or a stretch break. Perhaps you can let your kids blow off some steam while you grab a bite to eat.

When traveling on the road with kids, take along some cookie sheets. Your children can use them to play games or color. You can even bring magnetic letters, numbers or shapes for the little ones for educational fun.

When preparing for travel abroad, check when your passport will expire. Different areas of the world have different rules regarding passports. If your passport is expired or close to expiring, some countries won't allow you to enter. This can be from 3-6 months of your trip, though there are some places where that time frame can be 8-12 months.

Traveling lets you experience new things and grow as a person. Now, you know all of the ins and outs of traveling. This advice can get you moving in the right direction when it comes to planning your next vacation. [ทัวร์เกาหลี]
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